Back to school in Style!

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Photo from Classy Mommy’s site

This past  Saturday The Bee and I headed to New York to attend the first Style School hosted by Colleen  from the blog Classy Mommy and Whitney from Mommies With Style.

The sponsors of this event were 77kids, Motts, Advil, Cameron Hughes Wine, Remington, Lands End, Zulily, Play Doh and Mabel’s Labels.

What a fun day!

The Bee got to attend a blogging event and we were able to spend the day together. The sponsors created such a welcome space and there were some great areas to explore.

Since kids were welcome I let The Bee lead the way…after I made a stop at the Cameron Hughes Wine table. The representatives were so nice and patient as I explained that I wasn’t a wine drinker and they shared with me a white wine, a Moscoto Lot 228. (Yes please!)

After my tasting The Bee headed to the 77kids area to have her hair colored. While we waited we entered the contest for a gift card (we didn’t win that but scored an iPod shuffle as a door prize!). The Bee had her hair colored blue, her new favorite and decided that she was going full on punk with a wild ponytail holder.

The Bee then then lead me to the Motts table where we sampled applesauce. Total aside: Yum! Applesauce is so getting added to the shopping list! Motts has a grab and go applesauce that The Bee said she would like to have added to her lunch. The nutritionists on hand shared sample lunches and answered questions I had about keeping lunches fresh and safe.

The Bee opted out of the activity tables, decorating a Mott’s bag and creating a Playdoh sculpture (although she had a ball playing with it at home the next day…go figure!).

Do you like apples?
How do you like THESE apples?

I selected the next activity. I visited the Remington styling area and stood online to see if the stylists could put my hair up. While waiting I snapped this shot of Elizabeth Norton from The Party Planning Professor who, true to form, kept her hat on. While waiting for my chance to get my hair styled I visited the Lands End table to get information about their products and a catalog. We also got to eyeball the backpacks that were included in the prize bags.

Nope, she kept her hat on

Me after getting my hair put up.
I tried and failed to reproduce this style…boo!

We wandered over to the momAgenda table. I have been eyeing Momagenda products for a while but I was set for a calendar until the end of the year plus the one I want is on my list for Rachtober (hint, hint). I met Nina, who shared some of the get organized products. She also informed me there are products available locally at Staples and gave me her card for future reference.

The Green one in case you all still need ideas

Nina who, unbeknown to her, is helping me to get organized

I visited the clothes exchange area to donate some of The Bee’s old clothes. Anything NOT taken would be donated to a local charity and I was able to re-purpose The Bee’s things. While I was here I stopped by the Zulily table and learned about the new Zulily app and how to use the site. I tweeted about the app and won a gift certificate (score!).

The Zulily ladies

The Bee grabbed me and we headed back over to the Advil area. Here we dressed up and took photobooth style pictures. These will be shared in a later post but I am pleased with the chewable Advil that I was able to get samples of. My kid will not swallow a pill for nothing and I’ve now got something to help her feel better from a product I use.

And finally, the SWAG, gift bags:

Couldn’t wait, added her stuff as soon as we got  the bag!

The Bee ran over to the bags and selected a blue one. We were not disappointed. The Lands End bags that held our gifts were cool! Each bag has pockets and looks durable enough to endure the abuse that the school year will deliver.
Inside of the bag we found
Remington Wrap Waves curling iron
A notebook from Caroline Pad
A gift certificate from Mabel’s Labels
A memory book from momAgenda
a pencil case filled with rockin’ 77kids swag including a 20% off coupon
A Motts grab and go applesauce
Goody hair barrettes and a brush
Suave dry shampoo and conditioner
and a Ten pack of Playdoh (with a book of ideas)

This was such a great day, I loved spending time with The Bee and we are so ready for school.

Hope to see you there next year!

r’s note, Classy Mommy is giving away swag bag! Check out her giveaway.


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