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From the Publishers Weekly:

“This first picture book from a British graphic designer exudes a veteran’s assurance and easygoing enthusiasm. Tanka and Skunk are avid bass drummers; they are also, respectively, an elephant and a skunk. Together, these cartooned percussionists lead readers through a time-beating exercise that acts as an introduction to the rhythm of words. They begin with their own names: ‘Skunka Tanka/ Skunka Tanka/ Tanka Tanka Skunk!’ Background stripes of contrasting colors provide cues to breaking up the beat into measures, and the rough-and-ready typeface grows in size to encourage a hearty pumping up of the volume. The text moves from a simple meter to groovy, tongue-tickling examples of zoological word jazz: ‘panda/ panther/ tiger/ zebra/ alligator/ fox/ tiny little hairy spider/ armadillo/ ox.’ The infectious cadences and comic animal portraits make beautiful music together to the very last page (when the narrator declares, ‘Once more from the top…/ faster this time, please!’). A surefire method for turning young readers into confirmed beatniks. Ages 4-8. (June)” Publishers Weekly (Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

If you love words, like to play with sound and enjoy making melodies with your mouth then take a look at Steve Webb’s book! This book is full of rhythmic words put together to get children up and moving. While reading the book with my groups, parents joined in on the fun, chanting along and beating a melody.
I’ve enjoyed sharing this terrific book and with each read have found ways to keep it fresh. This book reads well with a group or solo and is a great way to get even the quietest of listeners up and involved.
Check out this book from your local library or feel free to click on the picture above.

Addendum…here is the post complete with video.

Tanka, Tanka…..Skunk!

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