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I love juicy words. As a reader I am always tickled when I come across words that are not in my normal vocabulary and attempt to incorporate the word into my every day speech. When I was given a copy of AlphaBest: The Zany, Zanier, Zaniest Book about Comparatives and Superlatives to review for work, I fell in LOVE! This book is a favorite type of mine (alphabet book) and is also a superb tool to share juicy language with children who may want different ways to describe things.

Set in an amusement park and our hero, who is BRAVE, BRAVER, BRAVEST to find a villain who just may be ZANY, ZANIER, ZANIEST. Helaine Becker does a MAGNIFICENT job sharing words that makes ordinary descriptions into extraordinary comparisons. The illustrations by Dave Whamond are zany, colorful and bring to mind Spy vs Spy and keeps the story moving.

There is a guide in the back of the book which gives more information about Comparatives and Superlatives. I would shares this book with all ages and can see doing a program to encourage readers to make their adjectives stand out even more.

To secure this UNIQUE book, check out your local library or click on the link above.



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