Workout Boogie: "Ab"solutely Fabulous

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In addition to scores of ideas that I can use for work, recipes to drool over and DIY that actually look like I will “D”, Pinterest also has some great workout related tags. Most of the ones that I have pinned are from other people’s boards. My favorite one by far is the standing ab plan. I vowed that I would do this plan each day for the month of November (and beyond) and so far have kept up with it. I realize that “spot” workouts are not the total answer but for someone who has been spending a good majority of her time on the couch, this is just what I need.

Ab plans that are on the floor just have nor been appealing to me lately. When I attempt to workout the cat always comes and sits on me and I just don’t want to do them! The standing plan that I have found seems to be working for me for now.

The workout is below:

I have not seen any miraculous changes but I can say that my weights are no longer dusty and my back is not as sore. Little by little. Its coming along.

Working on a six pack,


r’s note: No, I do not get paid by Pinterest and I am not being asked to write about them. I just really enjoy the service!


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