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I am a Vanilla fiend. I love the scent, liberally dousing myself with body sprays and lotions. I enjoy the taste and will often find a way to slide some into whatever I am making whenever and however I can. When I was picked to sample Torani syrups as a reviewer for the SheSpeaks Blogger society I was excited to get two bottles of Torani syrups, a bottle of Sugar Free Vanilla and a bottle of Pumpkin Pie syrup. Of the two flavors I thought I would use vanilla more but was surprised to find that Pumpkin Pie is my new favorite.

I’ve tried flavored coffees before but found them to be too sweet and, well syrupy. Not with Torani. A little splash into the drink of your choice makes it quite refreshing. I had to experiment with the best combination for me and the Sugar Free Vanilla or the Pumpkin Pie Torani brands worked best in my morning coffee along with milk (I use soy milk). The vanilla is a light aroma that mixes well with coffee. Less is more with this brand and a small splash was all I needed to flavor my drinks. I admit that the vanilla wasn’t as sweet as I would like and I did add a bit more sugar. The pumpkin pie was combination of spices and sweet that was zesty and wonderful. I only added milk when I used the pumpkin pie.

A few blogging friends received other flavors including one called Salted Caramel which was highly (HIGHLY) spoken of. In vain I searched for the salted caramel but could only find the Peppermint flavored Torani. I tried the flavor in my coffee and was not a fan. However the peppermint was a nice addition to the tea that I usually enjoy before bed. I also liked that I didn’t use as mush sugar as I normally would.

I have not experimented with the flavors in anything other than coffee but for those with a better imagination Torani offers a wonderful variety of recipes that can be used with each of the flavors. As the holiday season is upon us (Thanksgiving is in TWO weeks!!!) I think some recipe creations are in order. In addition to the four flavors I wrote about there are over 100 other (120 total to be exact) flavors that are available to taste and try! But, you don’t have to take my word for it! Check out reviews left by other SheSpeaks members on the Torani product review page.

SheSpeaksbuttonIf you like what you read, please know that Torani can be purchased online and there is a limited discount for the product available through the SheSpeaks site! Click on the picture for more information about how you can save 10% off a bottle for yourself.

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  1. JustTammie says:

    Great review, I can’t wait to find more.

  2. Angie says:

    Love the review 🙂
    I too am a HUGE vanilla fan in all forms. I can just get enough hehe

  3. Lorri says:

    I got the same flavors, but didn’t try the vanilla. Like your review 🙂

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