Monday Listicles: What Mom Wants

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Mother’s Day is coming and it’s usually time for people like me (last minute Susies) to do their shopping. This year my family and I are re-purposing items found in our homes in lieu of buying gifts. In case this idea is not for you, here a few things moms, OK, THIS mom, wants for Mother’s Day.

1. This emergency stash of chocolate found on the blog eighteen25. I’d like Reese’s Cups, Twix and M&M Snack packs please!

2. Someone to organize my kitchen. I know it’s kind of a cliche to be a mom wanting housework. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right! My kitchen is a disorganized mess! (Actually, my whole house is but I digress.)

3. Dinner at Victor CafeDude! It’s a restaurant where the wait staff randomly start singing opera! OPERA!

4. This cupcake bouquet found on the blog 52 Kitchen Adventures.

5. Cookie ButterBecause cookie. Butter. 

6. Wine. I will not say “No” to Chocovine Whipped Cream or Paradocx Vineyards Tea Infused Wine. I can say with authority that store 2305 has both of the above mentioned wines.

7. These photo magnets

8. This chocolate bouquet(Notice a theme here?)

9. Time to read.

10. Control of the remote.



Let’s make a list!

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