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Weekend Update

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I am sure that you all have been waiting, on bated breath, to get an update on how mapping and planning my weekend went. Stop the presses…having a plan was a success! Instead of spending hours fretting about doing something, having a vague sense of how I was going to spend my time and generally being stressed when Sunday night rolled around, I felt like I had a very good weekend and the Sunday blues were not so strong. 

five for friday update

What worked

  • Scheduling housework. I cannot stress this enough. Instead of me thinking that I had to fold laundry or clean the kitchen, I scheduled a time for it and when the time came, completed the task. So laundry wasn’t quite the monumental task that I thought it would be and I even managed to get my clothes ready for the week. 

  • Allowing for flexibility. I had planned two runs for the weekend however the weather, route and company was just right on Saturday and I wind up going farther and longer than I intended. This meant I slept in on Sunday and had my leisurely breakfast with the family. 

  • Scheduling free time. Not scheduling every second of the weekend allowed for downtime, allowed for me to get the things I wanted to complete done and I was still had time to just be.

Looking ahead

This weekend has the bonus of including Halloween and the end of Daylight Savings Time so this means I need to consider the fuss that accompanies special days and an extra hour. With Covid, and my neighborhood being very dry, we will probably follow our Halloween tradition of ordering a pizza and watching a new to us movie because I don’t plan to dress up or hand out candy (I will be buying candy to consume but that’s another story). As for the extra hour, I plan to keep following Lori’s plan to Create Before I consume. Mornings have been rough. I have been struggling to get up  for my runs and getting up just to start the day.

It’s a little early to celebrate but I feel a little confident in saying that I feel good and like this could be a thing. Shoot…I may even start planning my weekdays!

Once again, tell me…are you a planner? 


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