Fall Run Check In

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My friend Kayte is doing a running challenge she created called “The Frozen Foot Challenge.” In this challenge, she will run 120 miles or about 10 miles each week between now and January 31st. She tagged me in her challenge, sharing that my runs* have encouraged her to keep moving, but nope. It is HER running that has inspired my mid fall goals to just keep moving.

This week I have decided that instead of trying to run 100 miles each month, I am going to focus on hitting my weekly 15 K goals, about 10 miles each week, at least three runs a week. If I do more, yay! If I just get three runs in, yay!

The weather has been so unpredictable -cold, hot, rainy, and this is just the mornings! It’s so easy to hit the snooze button continuously before jumping our of bed to frantically prepare for work and then feel bad about wasting my day. Running after work is a drag. It’s dark at 5pm and it’s so easy to rush home and snuggle up in a comfy throw while watching TV. 

This week I switched things up a bit. On Sunday I went out for a run with my friend Joy. We were doing a race for work and did a route in Havertown that I’ve been wanting to do but have been avoiding because I really associate everything in Havertown with work and we all know what a clustercluck work has been.

Monday morning I added some meditation to my morning routine and that helped set the tone for the run. I met up with the Monday group and my ran *my* run, It was a slower pace, and I stayed in the moment. While running I realized that being in the moment mattered more than my pace run was my run. I did a slower pace, a new route with a slower pace helped focus me. I stayed in the moment of that run and focused on my pace and my breathing

With in person races STILL on hold, there is no external motivation to train. My health is doing great so I have allowed my vigilance for my health to relax a bit and have been getting a little sloppy about caring for myself. Also, *gestures to the world around.* As I type this, the election is over and dt is on his way out but there is still the everyday stressors of work and life and how to deal with all of these things that affect my day to day. 

This feels like a transition time. The only activity is to get out and run, restart the habit and restore the mojo that is running. 

Give me your secrets internet…how do I get my mojo back?


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  1. lauriewjn says:

    I wish I had the secret, I have let myself get out of shape during this pandemic. Without the option of going to the gym I use lots of excuses for not getting out there are walking. I’m not ready to return to running yet (although in my case running has always been a painfully slow jog) but just reading about your friend is a good push for me to start.

    1. Rachee says:

      (I just saw this…sorry!)
      Kayte has been such an inspiration and it helps keep things in perspective. Good luck!

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