Five for Friday weekend

Five for Friday: Working for the Weekend

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One of the podcasts that I listen to is Before Breakfast with host Laura Vanderkam. The Before Breakfast podcast shares tips for time management and making the best of your time. For Memorial Day 2019, Laura shared tips for how to make the most of your long weekend and I have been occasionally following her recommended tips from this episode.  With the rut I’ve been feeling, I’ve decided to revisit the podcast to guide me being more intentional about what my weekends are so that I don’t have the dreaded Sunday Blues. 

While this particular episode of the podcast is referring to a long three day weekend, I plan to adapt her tips for my shorter “regular” weekend. Right now, my weekends are usually me sitting around watching TV waiting to go back to work. Sad. I feel that by structuring some of my off work time, I won’t feel like all I do is work and I can have some good times to look forward to during the work week when it gets too thick. 

Back to the podcast. Laura makes a mental map of the weekend consisting of five spots: Friday Night, Saturday Day, Saturday Night, Sunday Day and Sunday Night. These spots should be filled with something social, physical, and spiritual. Social and physical are sort of self explanatory, although in the time of Covid, social gatherings in person are very limited. For spiritual, since I am not particularly religious, I like to think of doing something that is outside of *me* and will feed my soul as I help others. 



Five for Friday weekend



My map for the weekend looks like such: 

Friday Eve: Zoom Movie Night with Friends

Saturday Morning: Run with group, food distribution volunteering

Saturday Night: Family Time: testing out the new backyard heater

Sunday Day: Long run with group and homemade breakfast with the family

Sunday Night: Dinner with The Librarian’s son


This looks and sounds like a lot, especially for me, the queen of cancelling plans, but I am game to try something, anything to break my cycle of sit and do nothing. Last weekend we marathon watched all of an HBO series and I realized that yes, I *do* have more time than I think so I can dedicate some of those hours to more than binge watching shows. There will always be time for binge watching things because I do love my shows.

There are some have to dos (laundry, housekeeping, general adulting) that I plan to schedule for a few hours on Saturday after volunteering and Sunday before heading out to dinner. Having a plan for housekeeping makes it feel less of a chore weighing me down. I t feels possible knowing that it’s small chunk of what I need to do instead of the whoooooooole weekend.

Tell me…what are your plans for the weekend? Vegging out or doing it up?



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