Waiting on Verizon Fios

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Musings on which high speed internet is not enough.

r’s note: This post is sponsored by Verizon Fios as part of the #FIOSPhilly Campaign. All opinions found here are strictly my own.

It seemed like everyone but me was getting Fios.

The commercials would wax lovely about the perks of the great services that were available. A visit to my mom and three episodes of DVR’d Housewives made me covet the idea of recording a favorite show while at work. My sister telling me that she was able to watch Judge Judy, a 4 pm staple at her home, while she waited for my nephew at an appointment made me roll my eyes and hang up the phone. The final insult was The Bee coming home to let me know that our internet was “a mess” and that at Buffy’s (my sis) she could watch videos, while watching cable, while everyone else was on their respective devices with no issues in the service.


However, when I would check the Verizon website to see if I could services at my address I was met with a big fat




A few months ago I spied some Verizon trucks in my neighborhood and ever hopeful I approached one worker to ask if Fios would be available soon. He could not (would not?) say for sure and I was once again thwarted.



But oh happy days were coming! I added my address to the Verizon site to be alerted when it would be available in my area and waited. And waited. And waited.



Just when I was thinking that I would have to give up the dream, this loverly e-mail arrived:



Woot Woot!

Fios was available in my area.



Even though I was all excited, I thought I should wait a while before I upgraded my service. The bill for Fios was surely to be redic, right? Also, I was making due with what I had, in spite of my teen’s input. However, a door to door sale rep from Verizon came around and told me about the available services and walked me through the process to get signed up.  When I asked about my high speed internet he shared that Fios would be better as DSL lines were really made for phones and the internet would not have as many interruptions once I got set-up. He set me up with an installation date easy peasy and I was all:



Then my sister started talking about watching Law squiggle Order and y’all know how much I love me some Lenny Briscoe and I jumped online to upgrade my service.


The tech support person I spoke with was patient and walked me through the steps to upgrade service. My install date was pushed back, which made me wanna holla, until I was given access to the Fios mobile app which allowed me access to thousands of Fios programming.



With Fios, you can pick and choose the packages with channels you will use and you too can wave Muppet arms as you catch up with the latest episodes of your favorite shows.


Check into whether or not you are eligible for Verizon FiOS by visiting this link (click on Residential and enter your zip code) or you can call Verizon directly at 1 800-VERIZON. Stay up-to-date by visiting them on Facebook (VerizonFiOS) and Twitter (@VerizonFiOS)



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  1. jeff says:

    Good read, Rachee, as usual – and very visual, adding to the enjoyment. The gifs are fitting, as you’re writing about an internet service that makes streaming gifs a much more reasonable endeavor. Glad to hear you’re getting service. You’ve convinced me to take the plunge…or at least test the waters!

  2. Amandamanda says:

    Oh high speed internet how I miss thee… really the biggest thing I miss about city living!! I live WAY out in the country with very limited satellite internet. It’s the pits!!

  3. I’ve never heard of the FIOS. I will have to check it out. That waiting meme is hilarious.

  4. I’d be surprised if we had that option anytime in the next 10 years! Country living has it’s perks but internet service options is not one of them lol. Enjoy your Law & Order

  5. erinconefrey says:

    Too funny with the memes! 🙂 It’s still not available in my area! *sigh* Enjoy!

  6. Coralie says:

    We don’t have FIOS available here, but hopefully someday soon I would love to try another ISP.

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