Law and Order: I miss Lenny!

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Last night I caught up with new Law & Order episodes. I say new because anyone with cable knows that old Law & Order reruns in some form (original, SVU, CI, the one with Lillith from Frasier) is on television somewhere at any given time of day. Anyhoo, as I was stumbling through an episode several questions begged to be answered and many thoughts swarmed through me head.

Thoughts and questions such as: I miss Lenny! Jerry Orbach‘s Detective Briscoe could barely walk, let alone run after a suspect, looked like he slept in his clothes and loved the liquor but he was so much fun to watch! His sarcastic, snarky remarks as the body was discovered were among the best part of the show.

(dun, dun)

I miss Ed Green. Actually I just miss Jesse L Martin. He can cuff me anytime. [growl!]

(dun, dun)

How come Anita van Buren is ALWAYS drinking a cup of coffee? Does she not do any work? I know she’s gotta have some paperwork to fill out, a meeting attend, deliver mail . Something!

(dun, dun)

Why is Jack McCoy such a judgemental, arrogant bastard? The episode that I watched had something to do with a mentally retarded man being given up by his family and Jack, Mike Cutter (the new DA) and Connie (the assistant) had much to say about the family not wanting to take care of the guy. Really! Like the guy’s mother said, it was a different time and things were done differently. I am not advocating giving up your family but dang! There was no web site, social agency or support group to help one out! Get off your high horse McCoy or else you’ll get a nosebleed!

(dun, dun)

Why is OK for the DA to be duplicitous, backstabbing, liars but when a suspect or a person of interest does it they get threatened with jail? (Sadly, I root for the bad guy every time I watch L&O.)

(dun, dun)

Why are the police shown to do such shoddy work? For all of the harassing of suspects that is done during the first 25 minutes of the show, why is it that Anthony Anderson and Elton (from Clueless ) are always arresting someone then finding some crucial piece of evidence that points to someone else? On this episode the police actually got a man killed because they paraded him in front of one their chief suspects in an effort to make him tell the truth.

These were all of the burning questions that I had. I fell asleep before the end of the episode. I think one of the brothers of the mentally handicapped guy did it. At that point of the episode I was too disgusted with myself for watching (and giving as much thought to the show) and I really didn’t care.

I am calling shenanigans on Dick Wolf. Stop ripping headlines from the paper and come up with some decent ideas again! Less Jack, more plot and less Jack.


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