Milk and Cookies…For Mom

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In which I pair Girl Scout cookies and milk with Torani Syrup and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.

It’s my third favorite time of the year…Girl Scout Cookie time! Since I have been counting calories I wanted my cookie experience to be an affair to relish, not the mindless shoveling of cookies in which would usually engage in. Creating an experience worthy of enjoying my snack was key and I consulted a friend to create a cookie experience and that would be perfect for this mom and her love of Thin Mints.

r’s note: This post contains a recipe created using an alcoholic beverage. Please drink responsibly.

Minty Milk

8oz Very Vanilla Silk Soy Milk
Minty Milk | Say it Rah-shay
1 teaspoon Peppermint Torani Syrup

Minty Milk | Say it Rah-shay


1/2 shot of Godiva Chocolate liqueur

Minty Milk | Say it Rah-shay




Combine all ingredients and serve. I warmed my drink in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then enjoyed with a couple of cookies.



I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this drink. I always think I will not enjoy mint flavor and  was surprised at how the combination worked. The mint flavor in the drink was not overpowering and was a delicious pairing with the chocolate liqueur and milk. The small amount of liqueur was a delightful kick and I was;t left feeling buzzed or fuzzy.

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Silk – Soy Milk Vanilla – 32 oz.

GODIVA® Milk Chocolate Liqueur

Torani Peppermint Syrup, 750 ml

As far as the cookies, find yourself a scout! At the tome of this post, there are only a few weeks of cookie season left. Support a girl scout and buy some cookies!

Enjoy and please drink responsibly.


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