Today, December 16th is…

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…National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.
(In Homer Simpson voice) Ummmm. Chocolate.

Any excuse for an ice cream sundae overflowing with fudge and chocolate whipped cream. All boxes of chocolate covered nuts, caramels, truffles and the like will be accepted.
(And I was wondering why my pants were tight around the middle!)

Today is also Barbie and Barney Backlash Day.

The Hate!

I played with Barbies and so does The Bee. I have nothing against Barbie. Well I do hate how cheap and disposable that they have become but Barbies are (still) the bomb. When I was a kid, Barbies were not just a toy but an experience. Everything stopped (in my eight year old world) when a new Barbie came out. Mom would take my sister and I to John Wanamaker’s to drool over the Barbie display on the 8th floor. There were Barbies from all over the world, the dream house, the cottage, the RV, the cars, horses and of course, the clothes. Each Barbie item would come with a drool worthy insert featuring a variety of clothes, accessories and dolls that could be purchased. My sister and I would spend hours looking at the insert making up stories about the Barbies and the clothes they wore.

My mom even found a Barbie fan club that my sister and I joined in which we got a magazine and stickers (pink of course) as well as a cool theme song. To the tune of Georgie Girl.

Barney is not as bad as people make him out to be. Heck, ‘Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere’ still entices kids (and their adults) to pick up after themselves. When Pop was two or three, she would be mesmerized by that giant purple dinosaur. There was one tape that guaranteed me a 45 minute nap. Barney in Concert was choice du joir after working overnight and needing to catch up on my sleep and agreeing to babysit.

When I still had a cassette player in my car, I used to listen to ‘I Love My Yellow Blankey in the Day or Night’, ‘Grandpa’s Farm’ and ‘Barney’s Sleepytime Songs’.

The soundtrack for Wednesday will be a heavy Barney emphasis.
And of course: Hey There, Barbie Girl.
As I eat chocolate and play with the Dream House.



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