Loop: Yarn that is too good for a UFO

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On the way to visiting my mom last week, Pop and I happened past Loop located on 20th and South Street. I have heard tell of mysterious yarn shops featuring high end skeins hanks of yarn, books and supplies of all kinds for the knitter (and crocheter, people sitting around working on projects and …nothing else. No reindeer ornaments, flower arrangement supplies, racks of one dollar items or potpourri.

NOT a skein of yarn

As an avid Michael’s, Jo-Ann, A.C. Moore and Salvation Army troll, I had pegged the independent yarn store as out of my league. Besides, I have only recently began crocheting regularly and felt that any yarn that cost as much as a tank of gas should not, nay WOULD not be had by me.

After circling the block twice looking for a legal parking spot (damned PPA!) Pop and I visited the store.

Let me set the scene: I always imagine independent yarn shops as bright, airy places where people are crafting away. The store was a bright airy place with three people crafting away. Loop heavily favors knitters (natch!) but I did see a crocheted scarf featured (aside: the featured crocheted scarf was of the same pattern as the one I had recently crocheted as was just a beautiful as mine! I felt like a big deal!). There were the legendary knitters (one was a dude!), well knitting and the store featured lovely, wonderful skeins hanks of yarn arranged neatly (neatly!) by color and type. I finally got to see some alpaca as well as a silk blend and a hank of beaded pearl and silk yarn that cost FIFTY EIGHT BUCKS!!!!
The store was closing in a few minutes and not being one to leave empty handed, I picked a few sales rack items. I’d like to make another hat or maybe a bag with the yarn I scooped. I promised Pop that I would make something for her. Not sure what however….
Oh! And instead of a plastic bag for my purchases, the bag I was given is a reusable deal so that I can either take my projects with or keep it to buy even more yarn.

Reusable bag that I forgot to take when I bought more yarn



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