Tide, a Laundry Story

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Or: Brrr! It cold in the washer!

Convincing my mom to wash clothes in cold water took some doing. She is from the school that white clothes are not clean unless they are washed in hot water. This may or may not include delicates and special care items. My mom volunteered to try a load of clothes using Tide Coldwater despite her misgiving about the use of cold water. We loaded up the laundry and below are her thoughts.

If my mom is all about the switch, consider it for yourself. Click on the link below to learn more information about Tide Coldwater and learn more about going cold.


r’s note: I was given a sample of Tide Coldwater and a gift card from SheSpeaks/Tide but all opinions are my own.


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  1. Shelly says:

    I was wondering how well this worked just last week. Thanks for the review!

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