Off the hooks: An itty bitty hat

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I know! I know!
I swore that I was going to get out of my crochet habit of just making hats and scarves but the crochet forces that be are just putting the cutest hats and scarves in my path *shakes fist at Pinterest*. The Bee asked me to make her a little hat and I just had to. She wanted me to make a little top hat as seen on some model in a magazine. After scouring the webosphere I found a pattern on the blog treasures for tots. Total aside: The blogger’s daughter is absolutely adorable!

Using Red Heart Soft I whipped this hat out in one evening!
I admit that I hade to start over; I lost count somewhere along the way and the circle started looking like a square. I finished it off with fun fur (which is quickly becoming a new favorite) and voila!

Fit for a tween
Looking sharp!

On the hooks this week:
The hooded cowl for my mom and a scarf for a friend.
Then, pinky swear, I am going to make some other not hat/scarf thing.
Unless I see another cute thing on Pinterest. Or Ravelry. Or a magazine or …


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