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One week in and I have already screwed up! I meant to write my thoughts for Tuesdays but after a caffeine fueled day (Wawa was giving out free cups of coffee to celebrate the new coffee serving areas and I interpreted that to mean that I should get coffee for myself all day) and cause I couldn’t think of anything to write I didn’t.

I still can’t think of anything to write so here are random things going through my head.

1) I am digging Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings new CD, I Learned the Hard Way. So far I have given this heavy rotation in the car, at work (shh! Don’t tell!) and I love it! My early favorites: Tracks 2 (I Learned the Hard Way) 5 (Money) and 7 (Window Shopping).

2) Relief is flooding me as I am still able to wear a sweater to work. This means a few more weeks to cover up from the cookies that I ate during my group today (and the tastes of snacks that I have been sneaking from the back table at work).

3) I Heart Will Hillenbrand!

I had the opportunity to meet him and he wowed me by being such a nice guy, reminding me of my friend Jeff and because he genuinely seemed to love kids.

He draws upside down, encouraged me to draw and has known his wife since she was one week old.


That’s it for now. This is feeling forced and not so much fun for me. Next week I hope to be a bit more prepared.

Thinking thoughts I never thought before,


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