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So. Went to see Ironman 2 a few nights ago. Couple of things; I’m either getting old or really that out of shape because I swear I was yawning before the opening credits roll but I digress. Anyhoodle, as I said, I went to see Ironman a few days ago and I may be late to the whole Ironman phenom but dang it, I’m all aboard! As a kid Ironman wasn’t one on my radar due to my severe case of I’mapunkitis (I was probably scared of his mask ’cause I am was scared of everything), there was no reruns and spin outs of “Bam!” like Batman and the cartoon probably competed with something else I wanted to watch (like The Smurfs or Mr. T). Promises of Robert Downey Jr shirtless compelled me to go see the movie.

As far as superheroes goes, Ironman is on par with Batman. Rich, playboy with daddy issues who’s powers are of the man made variety and not due to exposure to some sort of radiation, alien encounters or the like. Where Batman/Bruce Wayne was born when his parents were murdered in front of him, Ironman was born when Tony Starks had to literally save his life after being kidnapped by terrorists*.

The movie was pretty good. I can’t really remember the first one; but I am not going to compare and contrast. This is all nitpicking and waxing dreamily about RDJ shirtless, Scarlett Johannsen in a leotard (I am so hitting the gym after work today!) and what the bleep is going on with Mickey Rourke’s face?

-Robert Downey Jr is an enigma.
Hollywood and the public at large, are usually such an unforgiving group but it seems that the talent and charisma possessed by MR. Downey has more than made up for his past indiscretions. Despite a shady history of drugs, arrests and other stuff, RDJ always seems to come back on top. (I could get into a whole how we build people up to knock them down but I don wanna; it’s Friday)

-What the heck is going on with Mickey Rourke’s face? He looks a mess! He’s an excellent actor but I swear I was distracted by his face. I’m no beauty queen (and in fact I am breaking out as we speak) but really, what is the deal?

-Not sure who is luckier…

…Ryan Reynolds or Scarlett Johannson. She was HOT as Black Widow and all I can say is I’m hitting somebody’s gym or track today.

-I love Terrence Howard but Don Cheadle made a better Rhoadie. Don Cheadle is always such a fine actor and this was no exception. I heart him**.

-Gwenyth Paltrow as Pepper Potts was a whiny pain in the tuckus! I’m sure working for the likes of Tony Starks is not fun but really, she was a bit of a nag and a drag.

I know that I will see Ironman 2 again once it hits DVD or in a theater if someone is willing to take a sister (I went to a late evening show and while I enjoy the thrill of the movie 22.00 bucks for two tickets was a bit much!)


r’s addendum (5/17/2010) I forgot all about the two Sams! Samuel L Jacksin as Nick Fury and Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer! Both were excellent as a badass (Fury) and an ass (Rockwell).

*That’s it for backstory, if you need more do a google search.
**NOt as much as I heart pizza. A gal’s gotta have some standards.


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  1. I am not a bog super hero fan and had no intention of seeing Ironman, but your review has made me put it on a future Netflicks list.

  2. I am not a bog super hero fan and had no intention of seeing Ironman, but your review has made me put it on a future Netflicks list.

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