Friday Favorites: Getting Ready for Summer

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Bah and humbug!
Spring has not even sprung and here I am thinking about my library’s summer reading program. Last year the program was busy but not successful. We literally had hundreds of people visit the library but only about 80 actually participate in the reading portion of the program.

I will fully own that my ideas were grand but not always well thought out. This made for some interesting and overwhelming experiences. A mini breakdown may or may not have happened. This year my ideas are still grand but I have help AND I know how to effectively ask and use the help that is offered.

Of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas. I did not think I was the first to come up with the idea of pinning my ideas but I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see how many other people were using Pinterest for ideas. There is a collaborative board that I am thrilled to be a part of and there are just some fantastic ideas that I think I can make, some that I think I am not ever going to be able to make and some that are just wonderful.

Since I’ve pinned some ideas for the world to see (I am that type of gal) here are the favorites that I have repinned using toilet paper rolls.

We have several boxes of tp rolls at the library and I’m sure we could have kids bring one from home if parents are worried about the ick factor (Oh wait; that’s just me). Anywho, when I searched Pinterest I found so many cute crafts that I got distracted from writing this post and pinned away.

Anyhoodle, here are some that I found and my ideas for how I want to use them at the library.

Toilet paper roll super heroes

The themes for summer this year are Dream Big (for my little guys) and Own the Night (tweens and teens). I keep wanting to do something with super heroes…vigilantes? Fight for justice? Something about taking back the night (neighborhood, a belief, somewhere in that realm you know?!?).

For the more artistic types this may be a way to showcase their skills. Also, instead of trading cards, how about trading these works of art?

Rocket ship!
The alternate themes for summer are night so the geek in me thought about space, Star Trek (and then I thought about Simon Pegg, well because he is swell). But check it, this would be such a great contest (who can build the biggest rocket), program to talk about space, or just a fun passive thing for people to continue to build on through out the summer.


They never get old!
I’m so excited about things that go bump in the night! I can watch Monsters Inc (again), read in my Grover voice and now I have a new craft!
Pom poms, chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners) crayons and glue and voila!

Source: via Rachée on Pinterest


I really don’t like paints due to the mess but this idea is pretty cool. If kids were given little tubs of paints and a huge canvas and clearly written riles and expectations.

Do you have any ideas to share? Send me a link and share (if you are willing!)

Gathering TP! -r



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