100 Day Dress Challenge: Halfway Mark

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It’s been 50 days that I have been wearing the same dress, Wool&’s Rowena swing dress for the 100 day dress challenge. Here are some things that I’ve learned.

    1. Wearing the same dress is like having a uniform. Each day I know that I am wearing the base of Ro and how I dress it up or down is up to me. 

    2. No one really cares about what I am wearing. Seriously. A few people at work are in on the challenge but for the most part no one is asking me WHY I have the same dress on. 
    3. It’s not too hard wearing a dress in the snow. Philly got hit with so much snow and I was all, “Man…I gotta wear this dress” but it was not too bad. I layered Ro with either a second dress or sweaters and scarves, some snow boots and I was out. 
    4. My Ro is a size too big and I really should have exchanged the dress for the proper size. I just have to mention this because body image is a cruel, cruel liar and I hope someone will learn from this. 
    5. Taking a daily selfie is harder than I thought. Make no mistake, while I often think this song is about me, I sometimes worry that I am clogging my social media feeds with too many pictures of me. My IG friend @tanyadf recently wrote a post about refusing to shrink herself in public to make others comfortable and I want to grab that energy and carry it with me as I finish this challenge. I am not going to feel bad about maybe upsetting someone because I am posting a daily selfie. I may modify posting daily but it will be on my terms.  
    6. I don’t miss my jeans as much as I thought I did. I’ve always associated wearing a dress as oppressive. It’s not. I can do pretty much anything I did in pants with a dress. It’s comfy, cozy and is very forgiving when I am feeling bloated.

    7. I enjoy the community of women I have met doing the challenge. We have a shared interested but in wearing the dress and completing the challenge but there is also getting to know women who are mothers, knitters, readers, etc whom I would have never gotten to know if it weren’t for this challenge. 


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