The Twelve Days of Christmas: Socks in Boxes

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The first day of the challenge and already I am stumped. Confession time…I don’t have a favorite non-profit (holds head down in shame). I really do enjoy helping others but in truth I have let that aspect of my life slowly slip away as I hustle for work and my kid and well cause I just didn’t!

I will say that I am fortunate to be in a position to offer assistance to those who need it. I just have not been really good about doing anything about it. There are a two places that are on my radar that this post have reminded me that I need to pay attention to. 

First is The Toy Closet at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Jen McGowan is in charge of making sure pediatric patients have something age appropriate to keep them occupied while in the hospital. She gathers and creates Busy Boxes, to provide happy distractions for children while they are hospitalized. 

You can donate items for the boxes or the whole box yourself. It’s the size of a shoebox and can contain toys and activities for young patients. 

You can e-mail Jen at or call her at 484-431-5093.

Then there is Next up is The Joy of Sox which provides socks for the homeless.
Quite frankly I know when I donate clothes I usually skip socks thinking that while someone may want my old coat they may not want the pig socks that I’ve had. Well it appears that lots of folk think like this and there is a need for socks. 
There are many ways to get involved.  From their website:

There are several ways you can get involved with The Joy of Sox:
Volunteer: You can help with sock sorting and packaging, sock distribution, or helping in the office.
Conduct Sock drives: You can help organize and run a sock drive in you school, church, work place, favorite store – actually any place!
Organize Sock Drawers in your area: The website provides information for you to set up your own sock drives if you live anyplace other than Wayne/Radnor, PA 
My crochet group has participated with this organization a few years ago. We’ve made hats, squares and blankets to help keep people warm. I do enjoy this organization; it allows me to combine crochet with giving and of course more yarn can be had.

Writing this post has certainly reminded me that I need to give back. I am grateful for what I have and I think know that in the hustle and bustle of life giving gets pushed aside. I am going to re-purpose the things I have at home that The Bee and I have not opened and used, grab an extra pack of socks and spread the wealth.
What are your favorite non-profits? Share them here!
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