The Twelve Days of Christmas: Call for posts or readers…

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Barbara from A Life in Balance (she was a guest blogger earlier this year!) put together a special list of posts to highlight the upcoming holiday.  Each day from November 28th to December 9th, bloggers are invited to share special holiday themed topics.  Please feel free to link up or visit the blogs of all of the participants. 
The topics are: 
November 28: Favorite Local Nonprofit
November 29: Budget Friendly Ideas
November 30: Holiday Bucket List
December 1: New Traditions for your Family
December 2: Holiday Memories
December 3: Favorite Cookie Recipe
December 4: Favorite Recipes
December 5: How you Green the Holidays
December 6: Favorite Local Place to Visit
December 7: You decide the topic
December 8: Your Grown up Christmas List
December 9: Open House (Show off your decorating!)

Hope this gets you in the mood!


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