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By now you’ve heard there is a new Muppet Movie. This post is written under the assumption that you have already seen it and, quite frankly, if you have not seen the movie yet then hurry on out because I’m spoiling to share spoilers. (Like what I did there?)

S’alright: The Bee, Buffy, Dill and I saw The Muppets last week courtesy of Real Mom Radio and 95.7. We headed to Cherry Hill (which was not as far as I thought!) and had guaranteed seats for an advanced screening (score!). I can’t lie, I was happy to have these seats. I realize that no one owes me a thing but these screenings are usually chaotic, more people than seats, pushing, shoving and general grumpiness when you don’t get to see the movie. I am grateful for guaranteed seating and have to give a shout out to Joey Fortman and 95.7.

Joey, the host of Real Mom Media and her co-host (sorry…I forget his name!) had a small Muppet Trivia contest (Dill won a shirt. I walked away with nada cause, um yeah I didn’t know squat!) and the movie started.

There was a cute Toy Story short which focused on toys that are included in Kid’s Meals.  Voices were provided by Jane Lynch who was funny as the leader of the support group and the toys were just utterly ridiculous but fun: I would not be surprised if Disney opens up a fast food chain or at the least sold the toys from the movie.

All in all I loved this movie and would consider seeing it again. Amy Adams, as always, was brilliant. She sings, she dances – is there nothing she can’t do? Jason Segal was OK. He grows on me although I tend to like him best in total stoner loser mode, his persona in the movie Knocked Up.

Chris Cooper was delightfully over the top as oilman Tex Richman. He is so evil that he is unable to laugh therefore utters, “Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!” when doing his dastardly deeds. He also raps which was my favorite part of the movie.

As kids my sister and I would camp out in front of the big screened paneled television in the living room to watch The Muppets. This memory came rushing back when the movie started and I was hooked. I felt the movie was a tad long; by the time Mahna Mahna came on I was way past ready to go.

Here is a trailer for the movie. I was looking for a clip of  Chris Cooper’s spitting rhymes but alas this trailer will have to do.



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