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One of my 101 in 1001 list items is to do a split. This was actually borrowed from my friend Norma and I plan to do this by the end of the year. Lately I have been terribly inflexible and I find that sitting still in one position too long makes me stiff, there are way more creaks and cracks when I bend over and storytime…forget it! I’ve taken to sitting on…a chair. Gasp!

I sent the question to the great brains that be…Facebook and the Twitter and the consensus is to stretch. Whether its yoga, gym/regular stretches (my term) and cardio the idea is to loosen up my muscles and move.

One of the teen pages at my library is a dancer and she recommended the butterfly. The butterfly is that stretch where you sit on the floor and stretch your inner thighs. Just thinking about it hurts but when I used to exercise regularly (back in 19 oh not really) this was always a part of the stretching routine. My sister and another friend recommended yoga and yes, yes, yes Comcast, er Xfinity offers Yoga on demand. Leaky offered a stretch routine but since I can’t see her for a while I don’t want to use that as a reason not to do anything.

I foolishly shared my goal with The Bee who gave me a tween look of horror. Sitting on the floor I had to battle my Lil who took my pose as an invitation to play. After distracting her I took a few minutes to practice this pose.

Holding the pose I felt like I could do more and think I may have overdone it. Despite my lower back protesting and my thighs singing I felt like I could do this pose for longer than the 10 to 30 seconds recommended but decided to take it easy. I know me; I’ll rush in and over do it and then when I can’t walk, function or move I’ll give up.

So far…no change. It’s been one day! Next week I hope this stretch will stop being as painful for my lower back. Baby steps.
Tomorrow I am going to give yoga another go.



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  1. can you do the stretch against a wall? maybe the added support will help ease the pain from your lower back?

    I’m rooting for ya! 🙂

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