Teen Plans for the Summer #MondayListicles

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This week Stasha is asking us to share things we are going to do this summer. I shared my summer bucket list and asked The Bee for her thoughts. In the fall my kid will be headed to high school but until then I am stubbornly holding on to the idea that she is still in eighth grade.

She will be doing some scheduled things but I also wanted to know what she was interested in. Here is her list.



My teen is headed to high school!



Ten things The Bee wants to do this summer:


1. Make friends with some of the incoming freshman at her new school.

2. Get to 650 subscribers on my You Tube Page please subscribe using this link.

3. Read ten books

4. Complete one of my books that I am writing

5. Learn how to take SEPTA to school.

6. Make some of the recipes in my cookbook.

7. Have a sleepover

8. Do an internship somewhere

9. Make some more videos.

10. Catch up on sleep (and with this one I *know* she gets it honest from me!)




What are you doing this summer? Link up with Stasha and share your plans!



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  1. Robbie says:

    Sounds like she will have a fun & productive summer!

  2. Sounds very ambitious and responsible! Good one on #10. 😉

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