Now Open! Studio Movie Grill in Upper Darby!

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Now open in Upper Darby…Studio Movie Grill!
Studio Movie Grill is a dine in movie theater which is located on the heart of 69th Street’s shopping district!

Studio Movie Grill in Upper Darby

Studio Movie Grill in Upper Darby

The Bee and I were invited to attend the Studio Movie Grill (SMG) ribbon cutting event in Upper Darby on Thursday, July 23rd and here is a look at our night.

Upon our arrival to the theater, we were greeted by very friendly employees who welcomed us and were attentive to our needs throughout the night. The majority of employees were helpful and friendly, going above the customer service which I am accustomed to in this area of the shopping district to answer questions and attend to our needs.

Local politicians and SMG executives were on hand to welcome the theater to the neighborhood. “At one time (69th Street) had greatness and it has the potential to have greatness again,” said Schultz, “and you can feel the momentum starting. I think we’ll really be the tipping point for that. It gives a lot of upside potential.”

Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

Local Upper Darby politicians and SMG reps

Samples of the delicious fair was provided and employees happily shared their opinions on their favorites. Most of the employees I spoke with seed thrilled to be there; one gentleman informed me that he was there beyond the end of his shift because he was so excited about the theater opening. I love it!

Alcohol is served at this location and during the ribbon cutting event guests were invited to try the variety of flavors. The two I sampled, Studio Blue and the Caribbean Hurricane, were light and fruity and pleasing.

Studio Movie Grill in Upper Darby

Bottoms up!


The renovations to the theater are amazing. A few times I felt like I wasn’t even in Upper Darby; the location is clean and comfortable and looks very sophisticated and unique.

Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

Downstairs seating area (Pardon the blurry picture!)

The nine screen theater boasts comfy seating which are roomy and great for a relaxing experience.

Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

The Bee relaxing in of the comfy seats ay SMG

When you are ready to order your meal, use the button on your table tray to alert your server:

Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

Buttons available on every seat to alert your server for service.


We had the fabulous Bree who was very knowledgeable about the menu, had suggestions for items and shared the date night mend special.

Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

The phenomenal Bree

Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

The 2 for $25 Combo

The menu features a nice variety of flavors for every appetite. Along with burgers and pizza, there are healthy options which are indicated by a little heart on the menu.

Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

Lighter fare to enjoy with your movie


Select your meal from the menu which features a variety of foods for every appetite.

The food is delicious and filling with generous portions. My one complaint was that everything arrived at the same time. My totally unconfirmed guess is that since the theater was not crowded our food was able to be prepared very quickly and therefore served at the same time. We are planning another visit soon and I will update this post if/when I experience a different serving timeline.


My family and I really excited about the opening of this theater. It’s close to work for after work drinks with friends or an excursion after a day’s work. The theater is located less than a block away from the 69th Street Terminal for commuters. Drivers have the option of parking behind the building in the lot or on the street at one of the meters.


If you go:

The theater is located at

55 S. 69th St.
Upper Darby, PA 19082
tel: 610-553-9090

Tickets can be purchased online or at the theater.

According to the manager, children under 17 are not permitted without adults which I am actually a fan of. While I would love to be able to drop The Bee and her friends off for a movie, I am even more in love with knowing that when I pay for a night out at the movie I will actually be able to enjoy my movie and not have to put up with shenanigans.

Hours vary; contact the theater before heading. During the summer the first showing will start at 11 while hours in Fall may vary.


Want more?

Special offerings can be found on Facebook ( and Twitter (@StudioMovieGrill). For more information or to sign up for the SMG e-blast, please visit

About Studio Movie Grill:

SMG Upper Darby’s state-of-the-art theatre complex will be Studio Movie Grill’s twenty-first location to date and the first in the North East. Studio Movie Grill (SMG), long considered the leader of in-theater dining exhibition, recently announced a major expansion initiative and the upcoming openings of new theaters in Simi Valley, California as well as three new locations in the Texas market. Additional sites are planned. Established in 2000, SMG has swiftly grown to 21 locations in ten states. These new locations will add over 50 screens, and expand operations ranking Studio Movie Grill the 20th largest exhibitor in the U.S. SMG modernized the traditional movie-going experience by combining first-run movies with in-theater dining and is characterized in the market today by its continued ability to innovate and maximize movie and menu offerings. For additional information, please visit



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  1. Sarah Honey says:

    That looks like the perfect place for a date night! Putting on my must do list!

  2. Heather says:

    This would be a fun night out! I love when the food and entertaining are all in one place.

  3. LaShawn says:

    This looks awesome. The menu has me thinking about how am I going to get some Ceviche soon!

  4. Amanda says:

    I wish we had a theater like that around here! What a great way to spend an evening. And those drinks- YUM!

  5. What could be better than dinner and a movie in the same place? We love theaters like this.

  6. Joanne Greco says:

    What a fun place to go for the evening! I’ve never been to a ribbon cutting ceremony!
    PS: Your daughter is beautiful!

  7. irishred13 says:

    Those drinks look on point! I have had something similar to the Hurricane and it is one of my favorites. The prices don’t look awful either so that is a plus

  8. Victoria says:

    Oh wow, we need one of these here. It looks amazing and I must say that the drinks look delicious too.

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