Sounds Like ‘tween Spirit: Soundtrack for taking a tween to school

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Days that I take The Bee to school, our mornings can be called schizophrenic. Despite laying clothes out, packing bags and preparing lunches the night before, we always seem to forget something, have to run back in to the house for something or we find ourselves stuck behind that dang school bus picking up some of the other kids on our block.
But when we get in the car, all of the morning madness is soothed by tunes we play.
Here is a soundtrack for riding to school with a ‘tween.

Leslie Mills: Radiowave. This was a song featured in a My Scene Barbie movie and is on Leslie’s Different for Girls Cd.

Paula Abdul: Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow. The Bee loves Paula Abdul (?!?) and when we heard this, um song on an episode of American Idol she was so excited. I borrowed a copy of Forever Your Girl from our library and if I never here Straight Up! again I will be perfectly happy.

Music from Bratz (Motion Picture Soundtrack): Despite those ugly dolls, I have no objection to Bratz. The cartoon was a bit much (really, 16 year olds running a magazine AND competing with a fashion diva?) but the live action movie is pretty cool. The editing and storyline left me scratching my head if I thought about it too much but The Bee was in her world. The music in the movie is not bad. I like Brick and Lace and Prima J to name a few. The Bee likes the whole thing and since there was nothing too objectionable I cannot complain.

Maroon 5 featuring Rihanna: If I Never See Your Face Again. Rihanna is not bad but that nasally voice can be a bit much at 7:48 AM. On repeat (brrr!). But given the alternatives The Bee could trill along with, I’ll take it.

Music from Jem and the Holograms: I loved Jem as a kid, and when I found DVDs I got them for The Bee. Who can’t love a song called How you play the game or The Jem Jam? Pure 80’s big hair with shoulder pads, odd make up and teals and yellows and purples!

Alicia Keys: Superwoman. This was one that Pop and her BBF listened to so The Bee had to have it ob her playlist. There is no objection to such a positive song for women.

Assorted songs from High School Musical (1, 2 and 3). I like Fabulous and Now or Never but this again is not fun music for 7:56 AM

There are more tunes but at this point we have gotten to school and I can now finish listening to my book (mellow mood) or my hard tunes (rammy mood).

Singing along to the radio,


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