Smells like ‘Tween Spirit

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I have been hearing the same phrase from The Bee for the last few days ever since the “Today Show” featured a segment on ‘tweens: “Mommy! I’m a tween!”

Tween is a concept that I am familiar with but new to her. She falls into that age, not old enough for boys (whew!) but too old for the babyish stuff that kids a year or so younger crave. The tween group is often the focus of meetings and a cause of concern at work. They are too old for the traditional storytime but still crave arts and crafts. Too young for a book group but they still want to talk about the latest books that they’ve read.

The dynamic duo, Sasha and Malia are ‘tweens so it *must* be good. (Female) ‘Tweens are all about jewelry, nail polish and shopping. Full disclosure: said shopping trips include stops toy stores and more time browsing the little knick knacks and toys that often lay innocently near the counter.

Can we go to the mall?

Better yet, can we go to the toy store?

When I was The Bee’s age I can remember trying to be older with an arm full of bangles, earrings and lip gloss (remember Wet and Wild) but there was no such thing as tween. Now there are stores dedicated to ‘tweens, Claire’s comes to mind. Shopping is an adventure: the fashions range from early hoochie to pre-hooker. There is no reason my kid needs to be wearing low riders? With the option to get matching undies.

But let’s put all of that negativity aside because having a ‘tween is pretty cool. Despite not wanting me to kiss her in class, The Bee is very sweet and loving. She’s a pleasure. We talk about everything, she is funny and smart. We hang out and we have a ball.

I look at my sister and Pop and think of drama that they go through. Daily calls from my sister as she catalogs the atrocities of living with a teen. I’ll take my tween aged angst for now; the constant conversation, the infectious giggles and the little dances.
Looking for lip gloss,


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