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While The Bee slept Friday night I watched her as she twisted into what looked to be an impossibly uncomfortable position and thought about the week we were leaving behind. There are days when the weeks zoom by so fast that all I seem to have time for is a hurried instruction as we rush to school. Then there are times when its just the two of us and we hanging at home, The Bee non-stop chatter as she shares something from the day and me trying and failing to multitask as I attempt to get something done from the endless to do list. This weekend I decided to quit pretending I was doing anything productive and The Bee and I visited her old school for their annual Fall Fair.

Leading up to the event The Bee kept reminding me that it was Saturday, planned an outfit she was going to wear, packed and placed it inthe car without asking and was genuinely the bestest kid ever. As we took the familiar drive round twisty twirly Lincoln Drive, she kept up a non-stop stream of her week in school, her memories of school, checked her cell phone and played with the radio and WORE EARRINGS as headed to her school.

Me: Are you nervous?
Her: Mo-om (in that way that makes the word mom about six syllables)

And when we got there…I was promptly left to entertain myself as my kid was swept away by a gaggle of shrieking girls who happily engulfed The Bee and it was like she never left. Each time I saw The Bee she was with a group of girls, each of them laughing and giggling and moving in packs as they do while I caught up with parents, ate a hot dog (yum!) and listened to a band who played a live version of the Cupid SHuffle.

As we were switching off with The Dad, I grabbed The Bee for a forced public hug and asked if she had a good day. Her eyes were bright (it could have been the wind) but she nodded, allowed a half hug. The Dad and I declared a truce and agreed that visiting was a good thing for her and watched as she skipped off to text a friend about the haunted house.


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  1. LINZ36 says:

    It’s hard to raise kids and have to split your time. I think any decision made together will only improve her life.

    Good Job!

  2. I love this. Sounds like such a nice day. But I shudder to think of the day when my son will only let me half hug him!

    And your blog looks different. Did I miss something??

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