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Hi friends!

I am starting a new feature on my blog to keep track of the books that I am currently reading. Finished book reviews are still going to be called Between the Covers but for the ones that I am still deep in the middle of and not ready to review they will be listed here. This may change and evolve but you know what I always say…My blog, my rules!
Now then, to join in on James and Jax Weekend Blog Hop, here are the books that I am currently digging into:
I am reading The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan. I finally got my copy from the library – there are still 68 holds on this book! This is a second books in the second series featuring Percy Jackson. The Bee and I were reading this together but she has since lost interest and I am left to read about Hazel, Frank and Percy alone. *sniffs*.
In the car I am listening to Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green which I am loving! I LOVE Tiny Martin, Will Grayson’s fabulous friend and the narrators reading the book are the best! I will not lie; I was a little anxious about reading this book; it features gay characters and honestly I am uncomfortable with the subject matter. Being gay is your own business and while I am not gay, I totally feel that Will Grayson number two voices the thoughts that I wasn’t quite able to articulate as he comes to terms with his being gay means and how he is handling it. (No, I don’t think being gay is something to be handled, but honestly its not an everyday thing in my household and therefore something new for me. But more on that later this week). The CD is fantastic and I cannot wait to hear more about Tiny, the Wills and am hoping for some long car rides.

The Bee is reading The eighth Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley. We met him on Friday at Children’s Book World, a local independent bookstore that seems to have the most fantastic author visits. I’ll rate Buckley lower; perhaps he was tired after the end of a long book signing but he seemed over the who fan thing and truly does not have to worry about THIS fan going gaga over him again.
Meredith, me and Lori
At The Bee’s old school I ran into Lori Tharps, who wrote Substitute Me and met Meredith Broussard and bought a copy of her book The Dictionary of Failed Relationships which will be my in between read. This is 26 tales of love gone wrong, short stories from A-Z. Thumbing through I swear I saw a few stories that spoke directly to me.
Forreals, yo!
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  1. Wow, you have lots of reading going on. I am slugging through just one.

  2. Love that you go to an independent book store. Yay supporting independent!

  3. Thanks again for linking up! You read such interesting books from several genres, so I really enjoy reading about what you’re reading! I envy the time you spend reading. For me, it is such a struggle. My biggest chunk of time to read is after Jackson is asleep–and I am usually SO exhausted by that point that I read for 5 minutes and am too tired to go on!

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