Go Nuts with Sante!

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I was sent a sample of Santé Nuts to try and have found a new way to snack! There were four varieties and each flavor made me want to seek out these nuts for a future snack. Santé Nuts are delicious fresh from the bag. I shared the nuts with my mom so that we could compare what flavors we liked best.

We LOVED the garlic almond flavored nuts. The powerful, savory flavor of the garlic almond had a hint of sweet and a spicy kick. These nuts are made with garlic, cayenne pepper,  and black pepper for the kick, There is a hint of sweetness that causes an explosion of flavor.

The salted pecans were my second favorite. The pecans were fresh and were not overly salty. When I ate them (yes, from the bag!) I didn’t find that my hands were oily or greasy or covered in salt.

The candied walnuts and candied pecans were not overly sweet. They were coated with a light layer of sugar but it was not an overwhelming sugary taste. These also did not leave a greasy, oily hand.

These nuts were just as fresh days after being opened. They store well and were just as crisp and crunchy when I ate them a week later. The website has yummy sounding recipes and I really wish I had saved some nuts to create my own original recipe or to try the recipes provided on the site. The site also gives helpful tips to allow a pairing of wines with the nuts! (Can you say grown up dinner party?)
Visit Santé Nuts website for information in how to purchase nuts or just to read the inspiring story of Sara, the founder.
Go nuts and treat yourself!

r’s note: Santé provided free samples of their nuts for this post. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own.

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