#SOCS: Roughin’ It

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Today the (optional) prompt for Jana’s Stream of Consciousness Sunday is Roughing It.

Jana shared a camping story but since my family didn’t camp (the Friday the 13th movies were not good movies for us to have eber watched) I cannot relate. I did get a chance to see an RV and I thought that someday, someday, someday I would give up most of my wordly belongings and travel the world but as for now roughing it is what The Bee and I did the first year we moved.

The year I moved I didn’t have a plan. I just knew that I had mooched off of my mom long enough and that it was time. Effin Guy, Leaky, my mom and I loaded up a Uhaul and had at it. The items that seemed to clutter our rooms seemed so small and paltry spread throughout a house. After setting up shop I sat on a step, overwhelmed and worried and wondered what I was going to do. Yes, people move daily but *I* had always lived with someone and now it was all on me.

As fall slid into winter, The Bee and I sat in a cold, drafty house, often curled on the couch reading as we still adjusted to this new routine. It was different but rough for us. Having to


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