#ihartholidays: Real or Fake Tree

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The Bee and I are doing something different this year: we are actually hosting a party for the family, the Christmas Eve Eve shindig, and we need to get our decorating done.  This is a task for the both of us; decorations are generally a pain in the butt and midway through hanging them it stops being fun and is the work that it really is. However I have vowed to not be Scrooge this year and to woman it up and celebrate, dammit.

The other day as we left the restaurant where had dinner, we passed a pop up Christmas tree shop and I asked The Bee if she wanted to get a tree or not. Her answer was so jaded that I decided we both needed  a dose of holiday cheer and went online for decorating inspiration.

We found this cute video from Kevin Hart who voices some of the thoughts I only think and asks if trees should be real or fake.

Check out his video and then check back next week to see what my familiy’s holidays plans are. Will this be the year The Bee and I use a fake tree or go for the real deal!

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