As Seen on YouTube: What I Watched This Week

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The Bee has been making little videos for a while and is always on YouTube looking for inspiration. In an effort to monitor what she watches I randomly check the history and watch with her. These are the things that I have found in the last week that I think y’all should peep.

Injured…Injured bad
This little boy is absolutely adorable talking about watching TV with his mother.

One of the pages at my library shared his video channel, Randomness Films, with me and he is funny! He’s a great writer and here is an example of his work.

My kid is a budding film maker and used the Video Star app to make this video:

The Spoon Killer
My mom found this one. It’s a little long but is totally worth the ten minutes.

I would be a bad vlogger if I didn’t share MY videos.
Shameless self promo: You can follow me on YouTube: I’m sayitrahshay.

This is a review with the help of my cousin:

What are you watching on YouTube this week?
Share your faves in the comments!


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