#Scarfvember Week One Recap

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Pam issued the challenge and I took her up on wearing scarves for 30 days. I’ve also been trying to finish up all those works in progress, which happen to be some type of scarf/neck wrap, and this encourages me to complete them.

Here are three days of scarves:


Day 1

I met Ame Dyckman and wore a black knitted scarf (which actually doubled as my wrap cause I didn’t wear a coat because I’ve turned forty and suddenly become insane.)

Another pic of the scarf:


Day 2:
I channeled the 60’s with my wild print scarf in my hair.
Please forgive those scraggly eyebrows! They look a hot mess but I’ve a lovely smile!


I also completed a neck warmer which was claimed by The Bee. I love this pattern and will be writing about it later this week.




Day 3:
The drop stitch knit scarf which was a pita pocket to finish but I got ‘er done! I was worried about running out of yarn and it not being long enough so I procrastinated finishing it. Now that I’m done I realized that I DID run out of yarn but it is a nice pop of color. I added a button and it’s nice to wear around my neck. Of course this too has been claimed by The Bee who declared that it looks better on her (I really need to work on her self-esteem!)




So that’s what’s happening around my neck of the woods (see what I did there?). Want to see the other ways people have been rocking scarves? Search for #scarfvember on Instagram. Visit Pam’s site and see who else linked up! Rocking your own scarf? Tag @pamlovesbooks on Instagram.

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