#MondayListicles: Modern Love

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There’s an image/meme/picture that pops up on Instagram/Facebook or the Twitter which shows an old school look at Facebook, Pinterest et al. The image shows a map for Foursquare, a corkboard for Pinterest and some other things which make me think our technologically advanced society is sometimes not. Last week Stasha asked us to share Ten Trappings of Modern Life and here are ten things I cannot quit.


1. Facebook. I know Facebook gets a bad rap but I am an addict. I play some of the games, I share posts, made a BitStrip and I like checking in on what people are doing. There are times I suffer Facebook depression but then I realize *I* can always not check.

2. Instagram. I KNOW y’all don’t care to see eleventy* billion pictures of Lil and what I’m eating and yet I still post. I also like to browse other people’s photos. SOme people have the cutest kids!

3. My iPhone. Like, I seriously LOVE my phone. It’s not the latest thing but it does the trick. I can record myself making lists, I can play games, I can text people. Oh yeah, I can even make a call or two!

4. Pinterest, I am a virtual hoarder ’cause my boards are out of control. Why did I pin that picture of a cat with eyebrows? The world may never know but I can pin him and hundreds more like him!

5. Skype. I can contact Pop and her BFF without worrying about how much that call is gonna cost. I still giggle thinking about them setting up their Skype accounts as part of their prep for going away to college.

6. Computers. My step-dad used to build computers and we had this old Tandy model from Radio Shack which was really just a really complicated typewriter. Now my computer types, sings, draws and allows me to do all kinds of things from my living room.

7. e-mails. Remember BBS the Bulletin Board System? I do. I would leave messages for kids at other schools during my classes with Mrs. McMahon. Now I can shoot off an e-mail in seconds (well minutes for me. My typing sucks)

8. DVDs. Back in my day you watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas AT Christmas. I saw the Peanuts boogie once a year, twice if ABC showed it again. We would all giggle about it at school and be thrilled if the teacher brought t he ALBUM in for us to listen to. Now with DVDs I can see Snoopy and the gang whenever I freakin’ feel like it. Also, there is

9. YouTube where you can search for anything. I spent an hour (or more) looking at videos of stop motion Barbies who curse.

10. Caller ID. Which I love but I mean, is really helpful. This would have been oh so helpful many years ago when I was trying to avoid a certain person but c’est la vie.

And a bonus: I hyper-linked some of my own social media sites! Yes, tacky, maybe but that too is a trapping or modern life. Well, manufactured by me but whatevs!

* As of this post I have 738 Instagram pics.




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