Make your own coffehouse creations at home with Torani!

Reboot: @Torani in My Cup

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A couple of years ago I was a part of a blog campaign which shared recipes inspired by Torani syrups. I was excited with the samples sent to me and created two drinks, a coffee and an alcoholic beverage with the samples I received.Some of the other bloggers received a sauce and I kept looking for that particular item at my local markets with no luck. After tweeting back and forth with Torani, I made a purchase from their site of some of the sauces and upon their arrival, my morning cuppa has been quite the treat!

Make your own coffehouse creations at home with Torani!

Two sauces available from Torani

Ordering is easy

The Torani website is pretty easy to navigate. I knew that I wanted sauces and that was where I headed to first. The selection is a bit sparse; today when I checked there were only a total of five sauces to select from. There are holiday/winter themed flavor if you are a peppermint fan and while the sauces are limited, the syrups seem a bit more plentiful.

Once I knew what I wanted, I created an account and checked out. I selected the flavors White Chocolate and Caramel. Paid for my order and checked out.

So simple.


Super quick delivery

I was shocked when I headed home Tuesday afternoon and found a delivery waiting for me…my package had arrived in less than TWO days! It was packed very well, the bottles cradled in packing peanuts and protected by a nice sturdy box.



I have a sweet tooth and will admit to being a “have some coffee with with your creamer” kind of a gal. This is the perfect solution. The sauces are creamy without being runny, are very sweet and a little drizzle in your coffee is tasty complimnt.

The verdict

Fancy coffee without a fancy price tag!

Turn your kitchen into a coffee house with Torani flavored syrup!

Turn your kitchen into a coffee house with Torani flavored syrup!



Want your own? Visit Torani online and check out the flavors for yourself!


r’s note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanted to share the yumminess!


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