Reasons to Read Peter Moore’s V is for Villain

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If you are a fan of the movies Sky High and Mystery Men then Peter Moore’s V is for Villain is the book for you.

Superheroes backstories are all usually about Uncle Ben’s words of wisdom or  theater shows with the family that doesn’t end well 1so it’s fun to read about a character who makes the decision to shirk the norm (being a super hero) and delves into the world of the super villain. Brad Baron is the ultimate underdog. He comes from a family of superheroes yet doesn’t have any powers of his own. Living up to the legend of his father and his brother proves to be the ultimate challenge especially when Brad is placed in the Academy’s alternate program.


Political activism in teens. 

Seriously. The teens in this book with no powers attend the Superhero Academy’s alternate program. Here is when Brad realizes that heroes are not what they seem and joins forcers with like minded teens who develop a plan to fight for social justice. The teens may go about it with a more criminal slant BUT they are dedicated to the world aware that the heroes that are being worshiped are not quite what they seem.

It’s a fun read.

This book provides a glimpse at the superheroes and Regulars. They are just like us although work is saving the world (or destroying it!). There isn’t the whole backstory and montage thing that usually accompanies superheroes but there are lots of fun tidbits that engaged me and had me wishing I would have super powers.


The parent and most adults are not totally clueless.

As a mom, my one complaint about YA books are the adults. They are morons. In this book Brad’s mother has stuff together and isn’t a hand wringing clueless mess. Also? The other adults who appear do not sit on the sidelines waiting for the children to handle things. Even the adults who are somewhat jerks are not quite as clueless although they are arrogant.

Thank you Peter!

I would recommend this book for superhero lovers of all ages. There is violence, no inappropiate adult themes and anybody who feels like they are just not able to make the cut will love reading about carters just like them. I love that there is some diversity in the book. There are a few characters who are of color (yay!)and the female characters are strong. Even the mother is



This book made me wish for my own super power! I would love the ability to clone myself or pause time.

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Happy reading!

1 Well not ALL superhero back stories start this way buy you know what I mean.

2 There are Black characters, a Eurasian character and one guy who is Euopean…ish.



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