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In which I make yet another to do list.

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After FINALLY finishing Claire’s Cowl (see it here on Instagram!) I have been trying to figure my next pattern. Some yarn was gifted to me, some purchased (shh!) and joining a group on Facebook has made me want to start making all the things. This week finds me winding up a class I am taking and finalizing my summer schedule for work so I keep telling myself crafting has to wait. But next week, it’s one! My Ravelry Queue is bursting at the seems and here are ten things I want to make.

1. Apothecary Cuffs by Carolyn McPherson. Yes. I am still fawning over the knits featured in Outlander and have actually casted on for this pattern. I am using Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn, Dark Grey
(which I picked up this weekend during a sale).



2. Amy Pond’s “Pandorica Opens” Scarf by Lanea Zimmerman. I STILL don’t get Doctor Who but watching an episode with Effin Guy featuring Amy made me want her scarf.

3. Kimono Slippers by Joy Morgan. These are just adorable! I casted on for these using Loops and Wool Impeccable but haven’t worked on them this week. I’d like to have them done to gift for Mother’s Day.

4. Shrug by labiapatrol. Again, another Outlander accessory but I’d like one to cover my arms when it’s cold at work and my Miss Rachee sweater won’t do.

5. Sunset Shawlette by Tamara Kelly. I like the idea of a shawl instead of a sweater because, well because I want the challenge of making one.

6. Unmistaken by Narniel of Endor. Because hat. Since I have been knitting more I have so lost my hat making mojo!

7. Baby Kimono by Elizabeth Jarvis. Buffy promised someone a blanket and then I heard myself offering to make a something and my brain thought that this something could be this! Here’s to hoping the baby won’t be having a baby of her own before I am finished!

8. Passe-partout by maanel. Another shawl.

9. Easy Knit Slouchy Beanie by Siobhan McRee. This is a knit hat so I’d like to use my sticks for a hat instead of the same ole same ole shawl.

10. Justice League Scarf by Marsha Auguste. The theme for the Library’s summer program is “Every Hero Has a Story” and this would be a decent way to show my geek.

Inspired? I certainly hope so! Later this week “S” will be for “Stash” and I am cleaning mine out! Want a chance to win some yarn and a few hooks and needles? Check back later this week for a quick giveaway!

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  1. This is such an art. My youngest daughter has expressed an interest in learning, and i’m so glad her mother is teaching her. I’ve been here before, but you were next on my five posts for today to read from the A to Z Challenge! Glad it brought me back.

    – Eli @ Coach Daddy (#1130)

  2. Nice list! I’m also a knitter and using my stash and queue for the AtoZ challenge – so many fabulous yarns and patterns and just not enough time to knit / crochet it all!

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