PYHO: Black Friday, How About Movie Friday?

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A few years ago The Bee and I got up at a ridiculous hour on Black Friday to go to Best Buy for a laptop. Despite a 4AM start we still had to wait in a crazy long line and were not even guaranteed to be able to get the laptop that was advertised. Instead of waiting we opted to go to Wawa for hot drinks and made a Toys R Us run where we didn’t have to wait online and were able to score gifts for friends (and a few things I slipped in the cart for The Bee) before heading to a yarn sale and back home. The next year we did the same thing, browsing and shopping and just having a good time eyeballing and enjoying.

This year I am torn. I am OK with going out to look and not necessarily to buy EVERYTHING I want but as I watch the ads, I feel anxious about the idea of shopping. Midnight sales? Websites with flyers and coupon match ups? The news doing stories about deals? Bah! These things make a day of shopping seem like a college course that I am woefully unprepared for.

The Bee is hot for going out and shopping but I think we are going to start a new tradition: cash in those movie tickets that I have and see a new release. There may or may not be a theater near a yarn shop I’d like to peep and instead of arguing with people over GI Joe with the kung fu grip, I am going to enjoy a new release, gummy worms and a day off from work. Anxiety is easing and I think I am going to enjoy something deliciously bad.


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