Belly Busters: Leandro’s Pizza

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Once a month (or more often if we can swing it), The Bee and I have a stay at home pizza night. We usually get a new to us DVD, the drink of our choice and order a pizza from what I think is one of the best pizza places in Upper Darby: Leandro’s Pizza House. If you’ve ever been on 69th Street you’ll usually see a line snaking from the door as people are waiting on line to place an order for a slice, whole pie or hoagie.

Once you get inside the door the kitchen area is open and you can watch pizzas being made. Each pizza is served with a savory sauce, generous helpings of toppings and the slices are huge (one could choose to share…could). The staff are friendly and ordering is a breeze. Once it’s your turn in line you place your order which is warmed up, pay and you can choose to eat in the restaurant or take it to go. The pizza is always fresh; each time I’ve gone in there is always a fresh pie being made or coming right out of the oven.

If you go remember that this place is cash only and there may be a wait. Stick to it; it is so worth it once that piping hot slice comes your way. I’m getting hungry just thinking of it!

All varieties look good (well, the buffalo pizza type gives me pause) but it is worth the trip and your tummy will thank you!

Leandro’s Pizza House is located on 62 S 69th St, Upper Darby, PA 19082. You can call to order a whole pie or stop in for a slice (or two)

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