Cure for Chaos? Invite the family over!

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There may have been some mention on this blog at some point about my house being…a wreck. OK, junky, cluttered, full of stuff. A wreck. Shockingly my half-assed attempts to declutter have only resulted in me moving the junk from one place to another. This week as I watched The Bee struggle to stay organized for school and me misplacing my keys and wallet twice in the last five days I have been thinking that perhaps it is time for me to rethink my approach at homemaking. Total aside, people who are homemakers get a hat off from me! This is truly a full time position; it takes a lot to organize and run a house! Working outside of the house six days each week has me feeling like id like to pull my hair out of my head!

So, with the holiday season set to kick off in less than two weeks (Eepers!) I find myself contemplating being the designated driver this holiday to lessen the risk of unannounced visitors to my house.

But I can’t let another holiday season pass with me not being able to chill on my couch. Plus it’s starting to get cold. I’d like to be home when that last gift open, not having to travel anywhere and I rather fancy the idea of padding around the house in my thick bulky socks. So The Bee and I decided that thins year we were going to host a holiday get together. We plan a game day, inviting everyone over to play cards, Wii and Scrabble.

I didn’t want to publicly put this out there; it’s easier for me to think about doing this than to actually do it but we have decided that enough us enough and it’s time.

My new coworker actually inspired me to get organized. She has been so helpful in getting me to throw out things, doesn’t judge as she observes my hoards of crap and just shared her system for getting it together. I thought I would take all of the elements of what she has done at work with my closets and started doing it at home.

First up at home: clearing the stairs. Yup, I’ve got a plethora of crap cluttering the stairs. Handbags, books, shoes, yarn and even our stuffed dog! The trick to getting things organized for me is finding a place where everything belongs. Yarn in the basket, books either to the daycare, work or away (duh) and things are clear. Add in getting rid of things I don’t use (old sneakers, shoes The Bee has outgrown) and voila we can walk up and down the stairs without some type of acrobatics.

It is slow going. It’s easier to let my shoes lay where they drop and sometimes I just don’t feel like running up and down the steps to get the ball of yarn that I really wanted but clean feels so much better than hot mess so I’m happily getting used to this new life.

Next up, clothes. Or no, I will never fit that dress again so bye bye.

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