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On the Twitter there are two ladies that I follow, @Bitchylibrarian and @Winelibrarian, who write the blog Homance Diaries. They were talking about a No Spend January challenge. From their blog:

#NoSpendJanuary is more about seeing what you can do without. Do you really NEED all that shit from Target or do you just need the shampoo you actually came in for? Do you really NEED that latte from Starbucks, or can you brew your own coffee at home and pour it into a travel mug? Do you NEED that pair of black heels when you already have 10 other pairs? Do you NEED another pair of underwear or a bra when your lingerie drawer is already overflowing?

After cleaning the house for the party and having a relatively clutter free house I feel like I can truly embrace this idea. As I cleaned I found gift cards that were thought to be lost, The Bee found a few books and some projects she wanted to do lodged behind a bookcase, I found a missing pattern book that have yielded several project (starts at least. Let me keep it real!). The point is we are using what we have and it feels good.

My history is to jump in head first with lots of plans and goals only to fail. This time I am making small changes to ensure success.

My No Spend Commitment:

1. Take lunch to work/school
This is a challenge. The Bee and I are always running late for school and work (*shakes fist at Thursday mornings*) and I find myself running to Wawa and spending way more than I’d like for her lunch. We are making lunches the night before and having them ready to go.

2.Make coffee at home
Because when I get lunch for The Bee I have to grab a cuppa. And of course I forget my travel mug and am forced to pay full price. Let’s not talk about the cups (yes cups) of coffee I have during the day. So I am allowing myself a cup at home while getting dressed and if I do take coffee with during the day I can warm it in the microwave at work.

3. Cook Dinner at home

I have the mother of gadgets in my kitchen and they need to be used. Instead of ‘forgetting to defrost’ something I am going to make a menu plan and cook at home. I like the satisfaction of a delicious meal made by me plus I can control a bit better what I am putting into my body.
Bonus: I like the idea of inviting folks over for dinner and hanging home instead of always running and having to be somewhere.

4. No yarn purchases. (gulp!)

I fell in love with Thick and Quick and that ruffle yarn over the holidays and of course, I’m all out. I do have one request for a scarf that I will purchase yarn for but otherwise I am stash busting like crazy. On the hooks…the kitchen sink scarf (a mash up of leftover skeins). My crochet group meets later this month and I will trade yarn in my stash with things others are donating.

I know that I wrote about Simple Living before on the blog but, like other things, have let it fizzle. For this go round I am living on my own and I have a target; my laptop is dying a slow and horrible death and it’s time for an upgrade. To get the one I want, I need to have my finances in order.

A friend from one of my blogging groups shared information about the 52 week money challenge. I checked out a blog and I am digging this. This is not a retirement plan or any type of aggressive savings plan  but someone like me this is a great way to start saving.

Source: allthingsmw.com via Rachée on Pinterest

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