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Let’s talk NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS (this is to be said in a Morgan Freeman voice of God voice). Each year my family would dutifully make resolutions. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve the family would discuss and plan what our resolutions would be. Lose weight, stop biting one’s finger nails, quit smoking, and more were added to the list of resolutions that would inevitably be broken and forgotten by February, maybe March. This was a thing we did and while it seemed silly, it just was our thing.

In the last few years, I have learned that resolutions do not always work for me, one and also I will admit to falling in prey to a sort of social media influenced thinking. I have friends on the Facebook and the Twitter who’s statues and tweets reproach the idea of the New Year’s resolution. The opinions (interpreted by me so please excuse some liberties) range from the notion that each year is a new year and that January 1st is just another day on the calendar to a new year begins on your birthday to why wait for a particular day (January 1st) as the day to make changes. I actually can dig it and do tend to agree with this thinking but there is the part of me that finds the change in the calendar from one year to another almost magical. Sure, January 1st is another day but it’s like the mother of days. The beginning of a new year and there is something to be said about that particular brand of new.

But, as I said above resolutions do not work for me. They are vague, loads of pressure and really, they are just waiting for me to break them. Instead of resolutions I have been thinking of how I want my life to look as I barrel towards 40 and where I am now versus where I want to be in the next year.

I have work and personal and reading goals that I am going to work out on my other blog but here are my fitness goals for 2013.

I have been reading Charlotte Hilton Anderson’s The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying Everything and like the idea of trying mixing it up when it comes to workouts. I thought this year would be the year of doing a plethora of fitness things as I work this extra weight off.


My rules:
Have fun.
Try anything once.
Be safe!
Use my gym membership

So far I have scheduled

At first I had this later in the year but decided that I could woman up and face the hella cold temperatures. My cousin’s boyfriend is an Olympic trained athlete and he was open to training me.
Leaky was all “he’s mean!” but what the ham? You don’t get to qualify for the Olympics by being nice.
(Although I almost backed out when he told me that I would be doing a ten minute mile the first week out)
I am going to keep running as my cardio throughout the year.
Goal: to run a 5k/3.1 miles/ 13 laps without stopping

More after the jump!

There is a studio in Lansdowne that I tried once and I realized that any smack that I have ever talked about regharding yoga had to be taken back. I am going to check out the beginners class and give it a go.
Goal: More flexibility, core strength.

Pole Dancing
Get your mind out of the gutter.
You have to be strong to fool around with that pole. Pulling your body weight up, keeping your balance. There is a studio in West Philly that offers a monthly pass for unlimited classes.
Goal: More Flexibility, strength

Hula Hooping
I have a hoop and DVD* plus there is a hooper in Lansdowne and she offers both classes and other DVDs. I feel like hooping is something that would make me more aware of my body and what it can do. The few times we had classes at the library I was pretty pooped after wiggling my hips for an hour.
Goal: More positive body awareness, cardio

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
I have oft borrowed this DVD from work, have done a few segments and have gotten my butt kicked each time. Jillian ain’t nobody’s joke and I think this would be a good thing to do at home since I’ll be busy wrapping up the end of spring/beginning of summer programming.
Goal: Daily workouts, strength training, cardio.

Belly Dancing
I have taken classes before and just like the way I was so aware of my body. The curves, walking with a swing in my hips, plus I have an awesome coin belt that I want to share.
Goal: Flexibility

(Now I have that Queen song stuck in my head)
My co-worker rides her bikes everywhere and I want to do the same. July shouldn’t be too bad and I think that I could commit to riding my bike once or twice each week to work. The Bee is finished with school so there isn’t the pressure to get her to where she needs to be. Also, she can ride hers too and if this summer goes like I plan she will be able to ride around to camp.
Goal: Cardio

This sorta feels like a step back but I’m sticking with it. Last August was hella hot and if this August is the same I am not promising to run or bike. I added the hiking bit because there are some great places nearby full of trails.
Goal: Keep moving

The Insanity Workout
This was suggested by a few people on my Facebook page and that infomercial is quite hypnotic. Shaun T looks like da man so I am going to give it a go. Besides, I need to tighten up for my birthday.
Goal: Looking insanely fine (I’m here all week!)

I used to think of Pilates as yoga with an attitude but yoga has all the attitude it needs. Pilates seems like it will stretch me in ways that I can only think about.
Goal: More core strength

Now, I need your help for November and December.
My thinking is too, pardon this tired phrase, in the box for fresh ideas.
What are your favorite go to workouts? Nothing too crazy or expensive please.
And, let me know what you think!
I am motivated to getting moving, looking better and having fun!

See you on the track!

*I have DVDs for dang near everything. I could probably open up my own gym!
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  1. Sounds like an ambitious plan!!!! Go for it. Looking better naked is a bit ambitious for me. I am still trying to look better fully clothed!

  2. DJrelAt7 says:

    wow, look at you! I also would like to look better naked! I just bought running sneakers last week. As soon as I kick this stupid virus I am with you in running!

  3. Go girl! Great way to change things up. I’ve written post about the Insanity workout. Wooooo! I’ve done one day of Jillian and I think that one will be better for me. I’ll resume it tomorrow.

  4. I love this and your attention to detail! It scares me but I will definitely see how I can incorporate some of this into my own life. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow this is really laid out! I wish you the best of luck, once you make it a habit if you miss a day of exercise you will truly miss it. I like tennis for a workout and I also like go out/in and wing it mix it up and create a circuit usually of body weight exercises. In Nov/ Dec would you participate in water aerobics?

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