NaPoBloMo is Ovah! But what next?

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In which I enjoy the taste of crow.

November had been one heckuva month. I think post pretty regularly but with BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Moth Challenge I wanted to make sure that I had fresh, interesting content on my site daily (I really wanted to win those BlogHer tickets). However as the month began to fade away all I could do was think of the glorious land of December 1st when I wouldn’t have to post daily. When I hit send on November 30th all I could think of is “Whew! I’m glad that’s over! I’m done yo! (Because this is how I speak…totes!)
I can proudly share this new blog tat but it was a challenge!

NaBloPoMo 2011

Each day I felt pressured to post by midnight…Gotta hit send before midnight! Gotta hit send!  Each day I wanted to make sure what I was writing about was relevant but getting sick midway through the month, not planning and the pressure I put on myself made me want to quit altogether! I really was all set to say Buh-Bye to blog challenges of any sort but a few things forced me to reconsider.

Fellow blogger, Here We Go a Jen (awesome name!) has been blogging daily every day for FOUR years. FOUR! YEARS! Wow! She’s clever, she’s crafty and she has little kids (!). Seriously, If she can make the time to post, I think I can too. Bah! That sounds like one of those insults disguised as a compliment but it’s really not. I really admire that she makes time to be crafty, creative and then shares it!

I also realized that I need to plan better. Forreals. I have an editorial calendar that I always ignore. Well that’s not true. I exercise my right as queen of procrastination and find myself rushing to put out posts that are littered with typos, not completely thought out and when I DO re-read them I often wonder how ANYONE would ever understand me! I don’t have to send hours writing but I can plot it out a bit better and plan ahead. Instead of posting three awesome posts on one day, I can spread the love.

Every blog hop does NOT need to have a contribution by me. I do love sharing what I read (James and Jax), what I am hooking (mrsrkfj‘s Tangled Tuesdays), pouring my heart out with Shell (Things I can’t Say) and rambling on, uninterrupted for five minutes (aka allthingsfadra‘s Stream of Consciousness Sunday) but sometimes I pressure myself so much that I find that I don’t even want to write and then its not fun. I also find there are blog hops all over the blogosphere, some work for me, some don’t. That is OK.

But I do so enjoy the challenge a Blog Dare, NaPoBloMo or others offer. I tend to stay in my head…a lot (gasp!) and these challenges often force to think about someone other than Moi. Which is why after an emphatic Heck No! I am munching on my words. I saw a tweet about the Blog Dare. I kinda scanned over it and initially thought it was going to be about a weight loss challenge. When I read it again I realized it was another challenge. I balked but saw this tip on their site:

Don’t force yourself to write, always think quality over quantity

Looking at the site for prompts from last year I realized Bloggy Moms had a score of prompts that I may already write about: Secret Single Behavior (extra, extra, extra whipped cream in my cocoa yo!), a post on my favorite blog and more like this. I will still participate in my blog hops, swings, tours, this challenge, maybe BlogHer’s Monthly challenges and more

a mom blog community

So stick around, tell a friend and be prepared for more sayitrahshay posts. With feeling.


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