It’s a Harry Potter Type of Weekend!

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It’s been a Harry Potter type of weekend. ABC family has been doing (another) Harry Potter movie marathon, we are planning a mini-marathon at work and I won a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (woo-hoo…thank you Dill has been attempting to make Polyjuice potion and to me that was the universe urging me to revisit the world of Harry Potter and give it a re-read. My favorite has always been book three, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but today as I raided the library book 4, The Goblet of Fire, almost seemed to jump off of the shelf at me. 

Re-reading HP is always a treat. The movies are fantastic but like a lot of book to movie adaptations lots of plot points are left out. While I know the basics the small details are like little surprises that draw me back to Hogwarts castle. As I watched the movies and then read the books I thought about some of the things from Harry Potter’s wizarding world that would be helpful to Muggles. Sort of like an all I learned in life I learned from Harry Potter but this list in incomplete. 


Like in Harry Potter where chocolate cures what ails you or in Harry’s case a dementor attack.

Magical travel

Broom Stick. Aspirate. Floo Network. What a wonderful way to travel! I would never be late for work again!


Accio: Kid/cat would actually come when called.

Sonorus: Never again would I have to sing “opera” to get the attention of my kids.

Reparo: to repair all of the crap that I keep breaking.

Expecto Patronus: Not sure what mine would be. Since it takes the form of an animal I hope its not a monkey (eww).

Immobulus: For those kids  that just won’t stop moving.


Bye bye to all of those bad, awkward memories. 

Gold Plates 

In the books and movies, meals are magically prepared. In one book Dumbledore merely studied a menu and shouted at his plate to make his meal appear.

If any of the above is making you scratch your head I implore you to run to your nearest library, bookstore or call a friend to borrow or buy the Harry Potter series. Magic and fantasy may not be your things but JK Rowling does a fantastic job creating this world.

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Grabbing my ticket for the Hogworth Express,



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