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Yes. That very long, TMI* title should give you some insight about where my head is but in case you need more here it is: I’ve got nothing. I’ve been schlepping my bag all around full of yarn, my knitting that I was so proud of stuffed in the bottom of my bag and I can’t get inspired.

Here are some of the things that should shame inspire me but I just gave a thumbs up and said, go for it!

-The Bee bought a throw from her school’s Santa workshop because she says the house is cold and that I had other things to work on. This was said with tween ‘tude and a look tossed towards my abandoned supplies.

-Effin Guy mentioned that I left two hooks at his store. I probably should have retrieved them by now but that would mean that I would have to finish the things that I started. I read a book instead.

-Liliana has claimed a ball of fun fur as her own. I almost got upset but realized it was the yarn I was using to make The Bee’s ill fated Halloween costume. I was upset when I had to change her litter pan. Fun Fur litter droppings….eww.

-Pop and her bestie, A (she needs a name…A will do for now) have taken to calling, tweeting, texting me about their desires: a scarf, hat, scarf and mittens and some other things that I can’t even begin to think of making.

-My fried Dewey Decimal Dude has asked BUFFY to make his Harry Potter scarf. Yes, two years and two movies is a long time to wait. Whatevs!

-I have been avoiding a few other friends because my WIPS have turned into won’ts (hiyo!)

I hope my motivation returns soon! I miss the dipping of hook into yarn and making something. Besides, I cannot keep justifying the yarn I’ve been hoarding OR the excuse to buy more.

What’s on your hooks or needles?

*TMI: Too Much Information


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