My Five Best Decisions

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Or Five for Friday.

Chookooloonks, a person I follow on Twitter, asked people to share their five best decisions. I tweeted mine but then got jealous because Cecily blogged about hers the more I thought about what I chose as the Five things that were the best decisions in my life, the more I thought it begged for a blog post (cause I’m a hater I was inspired.)
1) Having The Bee.
The Dad and I had just got engaged and suddenly I found myself pregnant. I was unsure what to do; I was about to get married and had a decent job but having a kid isn’t like babysitting. Having your own means its on you all the time. During some prenatal testing The Bee was thought to suffer from a birth defect and we were given the option to terminate. During the amniocentesis the doc stuck me with a needle and we saw The Bee reach up and grab at the needle. I knew then and there that she was going to be OK.

2) Dating Effin Guy.

Saying yes to sushi (and that awful Kevin Smith movie) was one of the best things I’ve done. I’m not ready to run singing from a mountain top but darnit, Efiin Guy almost, almost makes me think that getting married isn’t a four letter word. I am so happy thinking about my guy. Sure we have out bumps and lumps (mainly my issues; let us not point fingers!) but he makes me happy, he makes me wanna channel a Whitney Houston song and he is so good for me, to me. I feel special, honored and enjoy that we are together. When I am having a day, he encourages me. He’s said that *I* have made him a better person but no, he makes me a better person.

3) Taking the job as library chick.

Despite my feelings that I have lost my mojo I am so happy with my job as library chick. It warms my heart to be able to assist people, share my love of reading and just connect and touch lives of the people I encounter. I feel challenged but in a way that is not frustrationg and in a way that makes me grow. Lately I’ve been blah and mopey about work but a change is a coming. A positive one that will mark the return of awesome library chick Rachee.

4) Running.

Growing up my family never really exercised. We just didn’t. So when I took up running some years ago I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment I felt. Me, a runner! I signed up for some races and actually completed them. My marathon fiasco aside, running/wogging/ moving was a joy for me. I will eventuall have at it again but for now I’ll caress my medal and recall my track rat days.
5) Wanting to see the end of that episode of Law & Order.
Those who are close to me knows what this means. This is all I will say about L&O and why Lenny will always be near and dear to me. Just know that Lenny and Mr. Big literally saved my life.

So, what’s your five?
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  1. Bob Sanchez says:

    Hi, I’m stopping by to visit blogs on that A-Z list. (Boy, am I slow!)

  2. Kristin says:

    Beautiful post Rachee! I really have to get off my ass and write my post.

  3. I’m loving these decision posts. Great list!

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