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This week has been a bit roller coastery but whatevs. It’s Friday, I’m off from my day gig next week to attend the annual library conference (where I am also doing a poster session!), its the eve of Rach-tober and tomorrow night I’m going to see The Bangles.


Here are some of my favorites (literally, I favorited these things from Twitter) from last week.
Reading Krystal’s true tale of a horrible mother made me grateful for the job I’ve been contemplating for the last few weeks. This morning The Bee made a plea to stay home. With a weak cough and a sad sneeze she claimed she was too sick to attend school. Faster than you can say uh-uhn, I packed her up and delivered her to school with instructions to call if she were feeling sick. Of course I felt bad but after she snapped at me I got over it quick and went to get coffee. Thankfully I have a really flexible job and if and when The Bee gets sick, needs an appointment or some other family thing arrive, I am at liberty to take lunch earlier or later and can use my vacation or personal time. But if The Bee were really sick and not just kinda sick, would I be covered in chicken flavored yuck?

Said job, where I have been feeling just a tad left of center, has been good and I’ve been getting some great feedback. Usually I shrug them off (doing my job should not be a reason to dang near genuflect) but I do appreciate a compliment. Except when I am feeling unworthy. Which is more often than I’d like. Katja Presnal from Skimbaco shared an article about Giving and Receiving compliments. I am really going to challenge myself to give and receive compliments graciously instead of blowing them off or gushing.

The pull of almost forty (gulp!) is strong and I am feeling the panic of being middle aged and out of shape. BlogHer shared this article from Appetites for Health about ways to sabotage a diet. I am so guilty of numbers 2, 4, 8, 7, 8 and 10! No wonder I’m a physical wreck!

Speaking of, I’ve started working out again and have considered some type of workout plan. So far I have started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and ow, ow, ow! I decided to give Jillian a try because of Mel from Box of Chocolates posts about the doing the workouts and her folly with a broken zipper. I know her pain! As I see the scale climb higher and higher and feel me getting more cranky, it’s time for something, anything. Again, ow.

With that, I’m off. My messy desk is calling and I need to get ready for my conference and long weekend. What are your favorites from the week?

Yawning and dusting and getting ready to feel the eternal flame,


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