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So. I’ve officially become a frump. Don’t you say, no Rachee! That’s not true! Cause you’re lying to me and that won’t he;p anyone (me).
Oh no. I am a frump andthis is how I know.
Went out yesterday with sister and friends and I was perfectly ok in a skirt that didn’t quite fit, mismatched warrings, no makeup. Now I am not a girly, girly chick who goes around primping in the mirror but as I look at my hair, ratty and untwisted, dry and a slack face I realize that a little gloss won’t hurt but…I can’t find the gloss I got from Kim a few weeks ago and the others that I have at home are no where to be found and it just seems like a whole lotta work to look for some eye liner let alone apply it and yes, that shirt with a stain is perfectly ok and the fact is I am a frump. My guy is totes* ok with the way I look but I don’t want to be the one watching the purses or drinks doing that sad dance in the corner ’cause no one asked cause I look like, per my Brother in law, the poster child for virginity.

I’m tired, I busy and the extra step of a shirt that’s fitted and carefulish lipliner and gloss seems to exhaust me. Yes. I’m a frump. My shoes are comfortable, my jeans are loose and my tee is an XL so that it can hide the bumps but…when you get asked if you two are sisters but you’re the older by how much? or when you (me) can’t recognize yourself in the mirror cause you are looking so tired and you (me) is unhappy its time to find the gloss, find some mas cara, and tart it up a bit.

Tomorrow I march down to that gift shop, cringe and bear it when they extort the cost of gift shop gloss and rock it until I head back to see Kim and she can make me look gorgeous.


Getting my sexish back,

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  1. mrsrkfj says:

    The Mister said don’t forget to add your hat. I’m glad YOU said it, not me.
    Seriosuly, in the beginning, it takes time to make the look easy, but once you have a routine, you can have it done in five minutes.

  2. Vanessa Irvin Morris says:

    I know what you mean, Rachee; I go back and forth with the same thing. I have been getting more into my “girlie” lately and find that it doesn’t take long to do it and once I do it – I’m done for the day. I don’t re-do or re-up on the mascara and eyeliner. And as long as my lips look moist and healthy, I’m good with that. So I have like a clear lip liner/gloss that keeps things smoother. Now I’m working on shoes. Trying to wear better looking shoes that are also comfortable. What a thought!

  3. timberleavs says:

    I mostly live in scrubs. I used to be able to wear the cutest ones I could find, jazz it up with accessories. Then work made their uniforms mandatory. *gag* *Damn them!* There is that one or two days a week I shave my legs, put on some make up and try to remember HOW to bring sexy back. Meh. Whatever. I’m a frump too.

  4. Putting on jeans is an effort for me some days. And then other days, I go all out on the hair, makeup, etc. I think it just matters that whatever you’re wearing (or not wearing) makes you feel good. And if that means getting some new lip gloss, do it to it!

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